What does Coddle do?

Coddle will gently check up on your websites and let you know if anything is wrong.


Status checking

Is your site still loading? How long does it take? The longer your site is down the more visitors you could lose. We'll save you from embarrassment when your servers get all weird and act up behind your back.

posting photo


Downloadable snapshots will be taken every time your site is checked as proof-of-life. You can choose to take snapshots with a variety of different device options too. Perhaps you could use some of these in your marketing and designs too?


Https certificates

We will check when your https certificates expire and let you know when it's almost time to renew them. Nothing will scare your audience away faster than their browsers telling them your site is insecure and dodgy.

Do you need Coddle?

Coddle is for makers, bloggers, designers and agencies, or basically anyone who absolutely cannot afford to be blissfully unaware when their websites are down.



You make sweet things others love and you need to be sure that people can actually use them. We'll let you know when you release something so cool your poor servers get hugged to death.

fashion blogging


You know creating good content and growing an audience is hard work and time consuming. You can't risk not knowing if your audience is staring into the void when your servers unexpectedly go awol.

designer life


Your site, your portfolio, your craft is your life-blood. But even the best work won't impress when no one can see it. Additionally, Coddle will help you check that your work looks tight on various different devices.



Your clients expect you to keep their web properties up 100% of the time, no excuses. Let Coddle give you a little peace-of-mind by helping you keep an eye on things and reduce your workload just a wee bit.


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Site Detail

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Coddle is in beta? What does that mean?

It means the service is not 100% done yet and we're still tinkering with things behind the scenes. But you can give it a shot so long anyway. We'd really love your feedback if you don't mind the occasional bug or two. And by being involved early it's almost like you get to customise the service to your needs.

While in beta we'll only be supporting basic accounts, but anyone who creates an account now will get early access discounts when we finally launch paid accounts. Or you could just keep on using the basic account, we don't mind, so no stress!


Coddle is still in beta, so only the basic account is available right now, but we plan to offer the following packages soon.



    Max sites 3
    Checks frequency Once a day
    Site snapshots 1
    Check logs Max 10




    Max sites 15
    Checks frequency Once per minute
    Site snapshots 3
    Check logs Max 30




    Max sites 50
    Checks frequency every 15 secs
    Site snapshots 100
    Check logs Max 50


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